Bullet Journal Ideas

Bullet Journal Lettering For Those With Bad Handwriting

If you have bad handwriting, but want your lettering to come out pretty awesome, then here’s a trick that I’ve used from time to time.

You will need:

The idea is pretty simple.

Download a bunch of Google Fonts that you like from https://fonts.google.com/ — They’re all FREE!

After installing the fonts, Open Microsoft Word (or your word processor) and type the heading you’d like to copy.

Make sure that the Ruler is on, and you don’t go over 5 inches for the entire heading.

Print your header out with your inkjet or laser printer and trim down.

Put the header you want to copy to the Bullet Journal under the bullet journal page, but on top of the LED Copy Board or Tablet.

Put the header behind the Journal page
Tape the header paper and the journal page in place with masking tape

Secure both the header paper and the bullet journal page with masking tape so they don’t move around.

Copy the lettering using the mechanical pencil, erasing and re-doing as necessary.

When you’re satisfied, go back over in Fineliner or Fountain pen and wait for the ink to dry. Then erase (GENTLY!) the pencil lines with an eraser.

You can go back and add the thicker lines to simulate a nib pen if desired, but this is a pretty easy way to get nice looking text, even if you have bad handwriting!

That’s it!

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